Ultrasonic facial cleansing

Ultrasound, acting safely and painlessly for humans, penetrates deep into the skin, "knocking" out particles of dirt, excess grease and sloughing keratinized cells of the upper layers of the epidermis. As a result, the complexion improves, black spots disappear, skin relief is evened out, sebum function is regulated, skin elasticity and moisturizing is increased.

Skin that needs this procedure:

Increased oiliness of the skin.
Poor complexion.
Enlarged pores.
Minor localized inflammation and swelling.
Reduced skin tone.

dead cells

The dead cells of the epidermis are removed.

external impurities

The skin is cleansed of external impurities.

Skin pores

The ducts of the sebaceous glands are opened, their visible size is reduced.

after procedure

After the ultrasonic face cleaning the skin becomes fresher, softer, its color is evened out and its moisture increases.

The cosmetologist prepares the face: removes makeup, cleanses the skin, and applies a special mask to enlarge the pores.
The skin is covered with a special gel, which allows the narrow waves to work in the epidermis, as well as saturates the dermis with useful substances. Conducted directly to cleanse: a device for ultrasonic face cleaning equipped with a spatula (scrubber), which the beautician pushes the face. Scrubber emits uz-waves and removes loose dirt. The device literally pushes out of the pores of dirt, sebum and remnants of cosmetics. The manipulation is completed with a soothing facial massage, application of a revitalizing mask and moisturizing cream.

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