by qms

skin analyzer


The condition appearing in the skin surface reflects the deeper layers information , which is not easy to observe by the naked eyes. Whole face skin detector uses patented skin fluorescence and lighting technology, revealing those skin problem which is difficult to identify by the naked eyes. You can immediately detect skin problems with this technology, then you can remind to pay more attention and provide targeted maintenance recommendations.

full-face skin image analysis

1. Sunlight picture
2. Polarization picture
3. Texture picture
4. UV picture

5.Wood picture
6.Aging picture
7.Sensitivity picture

8. Brown picture
9. Trend picture
10. Black-and-white picture


Observe skin details clearly

Using our digital analysis device, we’re able to evaluate your skin under 10 different types of light, each of which provides a unique insight into your skin’s health. Not only can we pinpoint the superficial nature and extent of any skin disorder, we can gauge the depth of each specific problem and give your skin a full health check too.

This means that even if you don’t know what the issue you’re dealing with is, we can recommend the right treatment to give your skin the long-lasting improvement it deserves. We’ll even repeat the analysis process at the conclusion of any treatment, so you can visualise the detailed difference for yourself.