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pollogen Geneo+

1-in-3 super-facial

Immediate results that stay

Effective formulations and treatment kits that provide immediate and long-lasting results, for revitalizing, purifying and rejuvenating the skin, and achieving overall improvement of skin texture and appearance.

Personalized and versatile
A single platform containing 3 powerful technologies that can be used in synergy to answer specific needs and desires.

Safe and pleasant
Tested and validated technologies, designed to stimulate the body’s natural healing mechanisms, with minimal discomfort and downtime.


Geneo is the ultimate facial treatment platform for achieving a younger, fresher and naturally better-looking skin. It offers a unique, three-in-one facial treatment that works both on the outside and the inside of the skin, combining clinically proven technologies: Tripollar RF, Oxygeneo and Ultrasound. With these technologies we encourage the natural processes of the body to renew and replenish the skin.



Geneo consists of 3 applicators offering the singular benefits of 3 potent technologies – OxyGeneo, TriPollar RF and Ultrasound. Each technology can be used separately to enjoy its benefits, or combined for a full synergetic effect.


OxyGeneo provides a unique approach to facial treatments. Recruiting natural physiological processes to increase oxygen levels in the skin


TriPollar Radio Frequency (RF) technology is an innovative, proprietary 3rd generation RF technology


Offer the valuable advantages of immediately visible skin improvement and long-term rejuvenating effects


Ground-breaking concepts in biology, chemistry and technology within one little capsule


Every skin is unique and has the potential to be at its best – beautiful and glowing. Our treatments offer true personalization by allowing the combination of treatments, taking into consideration the specific skin type and needs.
With Geneo you get immediate, visible results after a first treatment!


The Oxygeneo treatments include
the OxyPod and the Geneo Serum. Their synchronized effect is based on innovations in biology, chemistry and technology, making sure you enjoy the best your skin can have.
Each OxyPod holds a unique combination of active ingredients in their suspended state, activated once they are introduced to the skin with the Geneo Primer Gel for optimal efficacy. The treatments deliver three actions, which together result in a beautiful skin.


Breathe in, shine out


Balancing oily skin has never been easier
The Geneo Balance OxyPod includes Bamboo Charcoal for a detoxifying effect, Camu-Camu extract for vitamins and antioxidants, and Mandelic Acid for treating acne-prone skin


Give your skin a fresh start
Refreshes dull skin, reduces fine lines and improves overall skin texture and appearance


Allow your personal light to shine through
OxyPod includes Kojic Acid and Vitamin C for an even skin tone effect, as well as Opuntia fruit extract and Carrot Extract for moisturizing and smoothening the skin.


Hydrate your skin with freshness that stays
OxyPod includes Blue Spirulina, Niacinamide and Lactobionic Acid, working together to hydrate, replenish and improve skin’s moisture retention abilities, resulting in a glowing, refreshed, and younger-looking complexion


Strong and fresh, like skin should be
OxyPod includes powerful antioxidants like Copper Gluconate and Green Tea Extract that protect the skin from environmental damages, as well as tighten, refine, and clarify it, to ensure well-balanced, fresh, and rejuvenated complexion
after 4 treatments
after 1 treatment
after 1 treatment