The technique of mesotherapy can treat certain skin problems such as facial wrinkles, sagging and dehydrated skin of the face, neck and décolleté, hyperpigmentation.

How does the procedure go?

The specialist applies a composition to the skin, which is designed to combat various defects. Then, using a special mesoroller, the doctor runs it over the face, performing, in fact, a simple massage.
However, the electrical impulses that are sent at this time mesoroller, forcing the pores of cells to open, so that the medicinal ingredients go straight into the deep layers of the epidermis.

It is worth noting that electrical impulses, which are the basis of mesoporation, increase the effectiveness of cosmetics tenfold.


- acute inflammations, fever
- malignant processes
- diabetes, if the peripheral blood supply is disturbed
- anticoagulant treatment
- serious heart and kidney diseases
- pregnancy


After just one needleless mesotherapy procedure the skin gains a healthy tone and looks fresh as after a nice vacation!

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