it is also called a non-surgical facelift because, in the absence of surgical intervention, the effect of the procedure surpasses many injection methods and is close to the effect after surgery.

The term HIFU  means “high intensity focused ultrasound”, SMAS means “superficial muscular aponeurotic system”. It is on this anatomical layer that ultrasound waves act pointwise, creating so-called subcutaneous “pricks”.

In the treated area there is an instantaneous thickening of the muscle tissue and reduction of elastic and collagen fibers. A natural framework is created for the epidermis and subcutaneous fatty tissue, and the skin becomes tighter and firmer. The result is intensified in the next 1-3 months due to production of collagen by the body. The effect lasts for 1.5-2 years.

Indications for SMAS-lifting:

– Gravitational ptosis;
– Loss of the contours of the cheekbones;
– Laxity and sagging of the skin under the chin and in the neck area;
– Loss of clarity of the facial oval, the contour of the lower jaw;

SMAS-lifting with ULTRAcel Q Plus HIFU - faster and painless. Linear technology, in contrast to DOT HIFU technology, makes it possible to treat a similar area 3 times faster and evenly. ULTRAcel Q+ offers two methods of tissue exposure, each designed for its own purpose. Linear technology is designed for powerful contouring and volume reduction, while DOT (traditional) is designed to elevator and tighten tissues.

What can HIFU SMAS-lifting treat?

– Wrinkles and creases
blurred facial contours
– Age-related tissue prolapse (eye and lip corners, brow arches)
– Photoaging
– Nasolabial folds
– Age pigmentation
– Double chin


– Taking anticoagulants
– Severe acne
– Pregnancy
– Inflammatory processes in the treatment area
– Malignant growths in the area of treatment
– Atopic dermatitis in acute stage
– Isotretinoin intake within the last 9 months
– Gold threads
– Diabetes mellitus, severe endocrine disorders
– Open wounds, skin injuries

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