acne treatment

The acne laser treatment consists of a thermal spot of laser radiation. By penetrating under the skin, it reaches the sebaceous follicles, normalizing the production of sebum and simultaneously destroying the bacteria that cause acne.


Advantages of acne treatment with laser:

– suppression of inflammatory processes at any stage of acne, even during exacerbation;
– reduction of sebaceous glands activity;
– elimination of stagnant and pigmented spots of postacne, improvement of skin color and quality;

As a result of the procedure:

  • Microorganisms that develop in acne are destroyed
  • Inflammations are reduced and further development is prevented
    pores shrink
  • Skin texture improves
  • Skin elasticity improves
  • Pigment spots and age spots disappear

Our medical device designed and clinically validated, as required by the new European Regulation 745/2017

Due to its high absorption by the water molecule, it is ideal for improving texture, micro-roughness and post-acne scarring conditions.